Getting Rid Of Ants For Good In Your Salt Lake City Home

Trail of ants carrying a dried leaf.

Although Salt Lake City is home to many different pests, ants are some of the most common pests to get into residential properties. These insects live in large colonies containing anywhere from hundreds to several thousand individual ants, making them quite challenging to control.

Today we’ll explain how to identify the most common types of ants in our area and why they might be getting into your home. For excellent Salt Lake City pest control services you can rely on year-round, turn to Pest Pro Pest Control. We’re ready to handle pest problems of all shapes and sizes. Our licensed technicians work quickly to identify where pests are hiding and implement effective methods to remove them. Give our Pest Pro Pest Control professionals a call today to schedule your first service visit.

How To Identify Common Types Of Ants

Although the United States is home to more than 1,000 different species of ants, only a few are known for infesting residential properties in Salt Lake City. Here are a few ways to identify the ants living in or around your home:

  • You can easily identify fire ants by their bright orange-brown color and tendency to build their nests in large dirt mounds.
  • Carpenter ants can be black or red in color and are the largest ant species to infest homes. They invade the wooden components of residential structures to build their nests.
  • Pavement ants are small and prefer to build their nests in exposed dirt around sidewalks, foundations, and driveways.

If ants have taken over your home, our Pest Pro Pest Control professionals can help you remove them. Reach out to us today for more information about our fire ant control options or any other ant control services we offer. 

The Issues Ant Infestations Create In Homes

Most people regard ants as nuisance insects. They’re small, numerous, and seem to get into your Salt Lake City home no matter how hard you try to keep them out. However, ants are more than an annoyance; they can cause many other problems as well. One of the most notable problems ants cause is their ability to contaminate your counter surfaces and food items with bacteria. In addition, certain ant species (such as fire ants) will attack in large numbers if there is a threat to their nest, leaving you with dozens of painful stings.

To avoid dealing with the spread of bacteria into your home and large ant mounds on your lawn, you need professional ant control solutions from a trustworthy pest control provider like Pest Pro Pest Control. We’re ready to defend your home from pests year-round by implementing excellent pest control and prevention strategies. Contact us today for more details about our effective home pest control services. 

How And Why Ants Find Their Way Into Our Homes

An ant nest consists of numerous ants that have roles within their colony. Some ants tend to the queen, some build the nest, and others are sent out as scouts to forage for food. These common insects are always searching for accessible food sources to bring back to their nest. Unfortunately, if a scout ant finds a food source on your Salt Lake City property, it won’t take long for them to lead more ants from the colony right into your home.

But how do ants get inside in the first place? Ants are tiny insects, which means they can fit through cracks that many other pests cannot. They may crawl underneath a door without weather stripping or find a tiny crack in the base of your home’s foundation. Either way, ants can get into your home by crawling through tiny gaps and crevices around the exterior of your property.

While you can implement a few ant prevention tips to protect your Salt Lake City home, the best way to prevent ants from invading your property is with an ongoing ant control plan from Pest Pro Pest Control. We’re ready to defend your property from ants and other pests so you can focus on more important things. Reach out to us today to get started.

Call The Professionals For Total Ant Control

If you’re looking for high-quality ant control in Salt Lake City, look no further than our pest experts at Pest Pro Pest Control. We provide residential and commercial pest management services designed to eliminate pests of all shapes and sizes, including ants. 

Whether you’re dealing with fire ants, carpenter ants, or any other ant infestation, you can count on Pest Pro Pest Control to get rid of your pest problems in a timely fashion. Don’t wait for ants to infest your home and contaminate your food items. Instead, partner with Pest Pro Pest Control today for help with your ant control needs.

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