Salt Lake City Homeowners Paper Wasp Guide

A paper wasp making a nest

Paper wasps are common pests in Salt Lake City. But how much do you know about them? When a wasp shows up inside your home, or you find a nest on your property, do you know what to do? Do you know why it got in or why these insects built a nest on your home? These are the questions we're going to take a look at today. When we're done, you'll know everything you need to know about Salt Lake City paper wasps.

Is it a paper wasp?

The first thing you may want to know is whether or not you're looking at a paper wasp. A paper wasp has three distinct body parts: head, thorax and abdomen. It may be reddish brown or black and yellow (like a yellow jacket). Unlike a yellow jacket, a paper wasp lets its legs dangle as it flies. Yellow jackets tuck their legs up. And the waist of a yellow jacket is fat, compared to a paper wasp.

Why do paper wasps get inside?

If you see one wasp inside your home, it might have gotten in through a door, window, or gap in your exterior. This may have happened because you have a nest on or near your home. It is also possible that you have a nest inside a void within your home. Once you remove the wasps from your home, you should do an inspection around your home and look for wasp activity.

Where do paper wasps build nests?

Paper wasps create aerial nests. If you have a nest on your property, it is likely to be under a roofline, on the ceiling of a porch, or in a tree. These are good places to look first. Search for a gray umbrella-shaped structure in the spring, or a grey egg-shaped structure in the summer.

Should you remove a nest if you find one?

Paper wasps are social insects that protect their nests. If you disturb a nest or get too close, those wasps will start to release a pheromone that increases the aggression of the other wasps and causes them to swarm. Each wasp has the ability to sting you multiple times. This could lead to a hospital visit. If you attempt to hang out a window or climb a ladder to spray a nest, it can result in even greater injury. It is best to have a licensed professional take care of any nests you find.

Is it bad to have paper wasps around?

No. Not at all. It is good to have wasps visit your property. They help with pollination and they are predators that feed on spiders and other unwanted pests. What you don't want is paper wasps creating nests on your property. When a paper wasp is away from its nest, it is mostly docile.

Is there a way to prevent wasps from creating nests?

There are two reasons wasps come into your yard: A drink and a bite to eat. You have some control over whether or not they can find something to drink or eat on your property.

  • Address any conditions that allow rainwater to create puddles.
  • Remove containers that capture rainwater.
  • Keep moisture to a minimum.
  • Reduce bug populations. Wasps feed on bugs.
  • Keep your exterior trash covered. Wasps eat sweets and meats.
  • Refrain from feeding your pets outside.

Wasp Control In Salt Lake City

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