Answering Salt Lake City’s Most Commonly Asked Boxelder Bug Questions

Boxelder bug crawling on a wooden wall.

Boxelder bugs fall under a category of pests called “occasional invaders.” Occasional invaders are pests that invade homes in response to changing environmental conditions rather than out of innate instinct or attraction to something found in the homes they infest. Because of this, boxelder bugs don’t usually present much of a threat, as they will often leave of their own accord.

However, it can be helpful for homeowners to know about these pests, just in case they have to deal with them. For all your questions about pest control in Salt Lake City, you can always go to Pest Pro Pest Control. Let’s start by learning how to identify boxelder bugs and talking about their place in the environment.

Do Boxelder Bugs Have A Purpose? 

Before we talk about boxelder bug infestations, let’s discuss the insects themselves. Boxelder bugs get their name from one of the trees they tend to inhabit, though they also can be found in maple and ash trees. They feed on these trees and other plants to gain the nutrients they need to survive. They are mostly black with red or orange markings on their backs. They are oval-shaped and flat, normally measuring about half an inch in length. They have six legs and two antennae. Boxelder bugs in Salt Lake City can fly, though they aren’t typically very good at it.

Since they live in trees, they usually don’t have a reason to invade your home. They will, however, seek shelter in homes in response to the weather growing colder. Now that you know how to identify these insects, let’s answer a common question that homeowners have when they learn about them; are boxelder bugs dangerous? 

Are Boxelder Bugs Harmful? 

Some homeowners may be concerned that boxelder bugs are harmful, as their appearance can be a little unsettling if you haven’t seen one before. Fortunately, these insects aren’t dangerous at all. They don’t cause any meaningful damage to the plants they normally feed on, and they rarely bite humans.

Boxelder bugs don’t spread any diseases, and they are likely to leave your home once the weather is warm enough to sustain them outside. The worst they can do is leave behind some red stains and produce an unpleasant smell when crushed. They can be an inconvenience to have in your home, however, so let’s talk about how to keep boxelder bugs away. 

What Will Keep Boxelder Bugs Away From Your House? 

If you want to get rid of boxelder bugs in your home, there are a few things that you can do. Here are some tips that should make the process easier: 

  • Examine the exterior of your home for any openings or cracks and seal them.
  • Make sure that all your window and door screens are in good working condition.
  • Try to avoid squishing them while they are in the house, as this will generate a bad smell and may attract other insects.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any live boxelder bugs you find in the house. 

These tips should help you get control of any potential infestations. If you do find yourself overwhelmed, however, don’t hesitate to contact a professional pest control company. 

How Do You Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs? 

If you’re in need of home pest control in Salt Lake City, you can count on our trained and licensed technicians at Pest Pro Pest Control. We’ve been serving the area for years, and we’re committed to providing efficient, effective, personal pest control to all our customers.

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