What To Do About Oriental Cockroaches In Salt Lake City

Oriental cockroach in hand

We’ve all had guests come to our home that we don’t care for, but we put on a smile and bear it. But then again, some guests are unwelcome and make their way into your home and try never to leave, like cockroaches; Oriental cockroaches, to be exact.

If you find a cockroach in your house or deal with these pests regularly, it’s time you invest in regular pest control services. Let Salt Lake City Pest Control handle all your pest control needs.

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Look Like?

Often called water bugs, oriental cockroaches don’t look like your typical cockroach. These pests have shiny dark brown (can appear black), sometimes reddish bodies. The male is smaller than the female, growing up to 25 mm long, while the female grows up to 32 mm long. Females also have no wings but have wing pads.

Why Are Oriental Cockroaches Dangerous?

There are many different types of cockroaches in Utah, but Oriental cockroaches in Salt Lake City are just as dangerous as other cockroaches in the area because they’re nasty bugs. Cockroaches like to be in moist environments, so these pests are usually around sewage and drainage systems, decaying matter, garbage, and all other things considered to be gross. They like to hang around your bathroom toilet, sinks, bathtub, basements, and crawlspace in your home. Outside your home, you can find them in piles of leaves, in mulch, and flower beds.

Because they’re around these filthy habitats, they carry diseases. When they enter your home, they’re essentially spreading those diseases in your home. One crawl across your kitchen countertop, and you and your family have the potential of being exposed to cholera, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, and food poisoning.  

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Oriental Roaches In Homes?

Cockroaches are extremely fast and can be hard to eradicate. But the biggest reason they’re so hard to get rid of is the cockroach eggs in your home. Female Oriental cockroaches lay egg casings, and each egg casing contains around 16 eggs. So imagine if these cockroaches infested your home, and all they did was hide in your home, eat, and mate. A new generation of Oriental cockroaches would infest your house once they hatch repeatedly.

The bottom line is that the only way to wipe them out entirely is to turn to pest control professionals with infestations. Our approach to cockroach extermination will get them out of your home for good.

The Secret To Effective Cockroach Control In Salt Lake City

The thing to know about cockroaches is that just because you see one crawling in your home doesn’t mean that it’s the only one. There’s a high chance of a cockroach infestation lurking behind your walls or in areas that you wouldn’t think to look or check regularly. At Pest Pro Pest Control, we know all of their hiding places and have the proper cockroach control tools and equipment to provide effective treatment for your home. Give us a call today to set up your inspection.

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