Salt Lake City Homeowners' Guide To Effective Rodent Control

A rodent crawling on a kitchen counter

Encountering rodents in your home can raise alarms and cause panic, but Pest Pro Pest Control is here to help you keep a cool head. Let us guide you through the types of rodents that reside in Salt Lake City, the health and safety risks they pose, and how they gain access into your home. For guaranteed pest control in Salt Lake City, Pest Pro Pest Control is the right solution for you and your home.

How To Identify Common Types Of Rodents

Fortunately, identifying the common types of rodents in Salt Lake City is fairly easy since there are only a few you're likely to see. Unfortunately, these rodents are some of the nastiest pests that can invade your home: house mice and Norway rats.

House mice are smaller than Norway rats. They grow to be about three to four inches in length with a tail that same length. They are darker in color than other small mice, but share the same large incisors. Their fur color varies from dark brown to gray depending on the region. 

Norway rats reach up to ten inches long, with their tails growing up to eight inches long. Their fur is darker than a house mouse's and looks a lot coarser. Their fur color is brown with black hairs growing throughout. Norway rats also go by a variety of names such as street rat, sewer rat, or brown rat. 

Rodents Can Spread Disease And Damage Property

A rodent infestation in your Salt Lake City home causes multiple levels of damage. These nocturnal creatures linger in streets and sewers, scavenging for food and water. They traverse through these dark places, picking up numerous diseases and parasites. Rats and house mice spread diseases through bites, urine, and excrement.

The types of disease they are most known to carry are:

  • Hantavirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rat-bite fever
  • Salmonellosis

Mice and rats aren’t just a danger to your health. They also wreak havoc on your home and property. Due to the rate at which their front incisors grow, they continuously chew through materials such as metal, plastic, cardboard, paper, and wood.

After gaining access to your home, rodents can chew dime-sized holes through your walls, baseboards, and ceilings. If you notice signs of a rat or mouse infestation, the best thing to do is remain calm and call a licensed pest control professional for help. You want to avoid aggressive behavior in front of mice, as they can react defensively. We recommend seeking medical attention after exposure to a rat or mouse infestation if you have had any contact with the rodents or are experiencing any symptoms of illness. 

How And Why Rodents Find Their Way Into Our Homes

If a rodent’s urge to get into your home is dire enough, it will eventually chew its way inside. However, you may be missing other entrances that grant access to a rodent or pest without having to do so much work.

Common entrance points include:

  • Small holes and cracks in the foundation
  • Gaps in windows or ceilings
  • Plumbing fixtures, such as sewer lines or drainage pipes, leading to sinks and bathtubs
  • Oven gas lines

No matter how small the opening may appear, your safest bet is to seal it. The way their bodies are shaped, rodents can fit through surprisingly small holes. Once their outdoor environment becomes uninhabitable due to extreme weather conditions, they begin to make their way into homes, restaurants, office buildings, and any place that meets all of their needs. If the conditions are bad, they’ll chew small openings bigger in order to fit. Outdoor Salt Lake City rodent control is the first step to preventing a rodent infestation in Salt Lake City.

The Most Effective Rodent Control For Your Home

Trusting Pest Pro Pest Control is the best choice you can make for effective rodent control in your home. Not only do we prioritize customer satisfaction, but we also cater plans to your specific needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Salt Lake City. Let us restore your peace of mind.

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