The Key To Proper Pest Control In Salt Lake City Warehouses

Boxes on shelves in warehouse

When protecting your Salt Lake City warehouse from pests, you are likely searching the internet for ‘commercial pest control near me,’ which can understandably be an overwhelming task. Fortunately, the tips in this article, combined with assistance from Salt Lake City pest control, can help you figure out the key to keeping your warehouse pest-free.

The Pests Can You Expect To Encounter In Warehousing & Logistics 

Warehouses tend to attract certain types of pests thanks to their large size, often-open doors, and the plethora of hiding spots found in a warehouse – not to mention all the potential stored items for pests to live in and feed on.

The types of pests you can expect to encounter in warehousing and logistics include:

  • Birds
  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Beetles
  • Flies
  • Spiders

These pests can cause havoc in your warehouse, which is why commercial pest control services are necessary to keep your warehouse, your employees, and your stored items safe year-round.

Pest Control Problems For Large Warehouses  

As we mentioned above, larger warehouses can often attract some of the most troublesome pest problems thanks to their larger size, multiple wide entrances, and spacious interiors-creating several pest control problems, making it likely to need a quality commercial pest control plan to defeat them.

Pest control problems for large warehouses include:

  • Birds nesting or invading rafters and high shelves
  • Rodents and insects hiding in stored items
  • Wide, open entrances make it easy for pests to invade or fly-in
  • Pest prey infestations leading to spider problems
  • Large areas of waste and trash attracting cockroaches or other scavenging insects

It is good to invest in professional help before significant, costly damages occur to control and address these control issues.

Seven Warehouse Pest Prevention Tips

Following these seven warehouse prevention tips can help keep pests out of your property and deter future infestations:

  1. Identify pest entry points and work to seal up these areas to keep intruders out.
  2. Ensure that all windows, doors, and the roof of your warehouse seals tightly and are free of leaks or damage.
  3. Work toward keeping exterior doors and windows closed whenever possible to prevent pests and wildlife from roaming inside.
  4. Dispose of all trash in tightly sealed bags and try to use trash cans or dumpsters with fitted lids to deter scavenging.
  5. Fix up moisture issues around your warehouse that may contribute to excess water pools, as these attract many types of pests.
  6. Utilize plastic shipping pallets when possible as these can be sanitized and are more difficult for all types of pests to hide.
  7. Keep your warehouse clean and decluttered to reduce pest hiding spots and stop trash or waste from attracting pests.

Keep in mind that while these tips can help protect your warehouse, they will not remove active, widespread pest infestations. Only our experts at Pest Pro Pest Control can do this.

Effective Pest Control Solutions for Warehouses In Salt Lake City

For effective pest control solutions for your Salt Lake City warehouse, reach out to the best commercial pest control company in the area – Pest Pro Pest Control. With our professional help and the skill of our experienced technicians, you can benefit from efficient pest control that quickly eliminates any infestation you are dealing with and keeps your warehouse protected, no matter what.

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