Some Helpful Spider Prevention Tips To Stay Spider-Free In Salt Lake City, UT

A wolf spider crawling on a wall

Insects and creatures are always busy, and it will just be at different times in the year. While some live and reproduce during spring or summer, others emerge over the fall or winter. Seasons of peak activity are about the environmental conditions a pest thrives in. Salt Lake City home and business owners should stay abreast of these cycles. That way, they can sufficiently gear up for prevention.

It doesn’t matter if a particular critter is in its off-season or not. You have to remain mindful of them. Many will take shelter on your property to get out of the elements. Then, they’ll pop up when it’s time for them to materialize again. This definitely applies to spiders. Learn more about local species, how to avoid them, and what Pest Pro Pest Control can do to intervene. on 

What Spiders Are Common in Salt Lake City? What Happens in Winter? 

Wolf spiders are one species that are very prevalent in the region. Yellow markings adorn their bodies, which can be over an inch long. They are usually brown, black, or gray. Since they are so hairy, people often mistake them for brown recluses or tarantulas. Their legs are much shorter, though, and they have a bulkier shape. If your domicile or establishment is close to a watery, wooded, grassy, or sandy area, expect to see wolf spiders. Unkempt yards and gardens also attract them. These pests may ruin landscaping because they make burrows rather than webs.

Further things to remember about wolf spiders are:

  • They congregate by greenery, windows, doors, garages, and basements
  • Any sightings confirm an infestation
  • Their bites cause pain, but they won’t be medically threatening
  • They can run at speed

Colder temperatures will send many insects and creatures inside buildings because they can’t withstand the climate. It’s another story with spiders, though. Internally, they have an anti-freezing system that helps them survive frigidity. Considering this fact, these arachnids penetrate human dwellings when they are low on food or identify prey. 

By and large, spiders hunt for fellow bugs—for instance, flies, grasshoppers, and ants. You probably have a general pest issue if you notice a surge of wolf spiders on your property. Another possibility is that they’ve been dormant in structural voids and floor corners as they developed and mated. 

How Can You Prevent Salt Lake City Spiders?

To discourage spiders from entering your space, you’ll have to get rid of available passageways, food, and hiding spots. It might be arduous performing the following tasks, but it will be worth it: 

  • Reduce surrounding clutter.      
  • Mow the lawn and trim the greenery regularly.
  • Distance plants and free wood from the property by two feet or more.  
  • Use canisters with secure lids for food and trash storage.
  • Make sure that moisture fractures and leaks are fixed right away.  
  • Seal openings in windows, doors, and foundations.
  • Verify that door sweeps and window screens are in excellent condition. Replace any that are damaged.
  • Sweep up webs you find with a broom.
  • Contact Pest Pro Pest Control if you have critters that spiders consume.

What Can Pest Pro Pest Control Do About Salt Lake City Spiders?

Retail pesticides have several shortcomings. They’ll only eliminate a few spiders, which obviously won’t solve an infestation. High toxicity is also a concern. For a safe and thorough solution, reach out to us at  Pest Pro Pest Control. Our expert technicians will employ an industrial-grade Two Series treatment three weeks apart. It will interrupt breeding and the life cycle. Guarantees and maintenance plans are available. Call us today for a free consultation and learn more about our home pest control services.

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