Identifying Stinging Insects In Salt Lake City: A Visual Guide For Homeowners

Wasp crawling on a porch.

You know that summer is officially here when you start to see insects flying around you while trying to enjoy the great outdoors. While most flying insects in this area are nothing more than a nuisance, stinging insects can be more bothersome and, sometimes, dangerous. 

At Pest Pro Pest Control, we can help to keep you safe from these potentially dangerous bugs this summer. We specialize in stinging insect removal in Salt Lake City and know how to keep these scary insects away from your home all year long. 

What Types Of Stinging Insects Live In Salt Lake City?

Yellow jackets are one of the most aggressive types of stinging insects that we have in this part of Utah. This type of wasp typically has black and yellow-striped bodies. They are social creatures that live in large groups. They usually build large aerial nests that look like they have been wrapped in paper. However, sometimes, yellow jackets choose to live in underground nests. If you get too close to their nests, these wasps will likely come out of the nest in large groups and try to sting you. 

Another type of wasp found in this area is the paper wasp. This wasp is similar to the yellow jacket but slightly less aggressive. They usually have dark-brown bodies with yellow or red markings. Like the yellow jackets, paper wasps also make aerial nests out of chewed-up cellulose that looks like the nest has been wrapped in paper. However, the paper wasps' nest is usually shaped like an upside-down umbrella. 

The third type of stinging insect found in this area is also the least aggressive type of wasp. The mud dauber is a solitary wasp that builds its nest out of mud, often plastered to the sides of buildings and homes. The mud dauber usually has a solid black body that sometimes has a metallic-blue tint. While this stinging insect is not known to be aggressive, you should never get too close to its nest. If you see any wasp nests on your property, contact a wasp nest removal company as soon as possible. 

Visual Guide To Stinging Insects: How To Identify Your Home's Pest 

Stinging insect control is easier to achieve once you know what insects are able to sting. In Salt Lake City, wasps are the most common type of stinging insects. While these bugs can come in various colors and sizes, they typically have the same basic appearance. Every type of wasp has a body separated into three segments; the head, the abdomen, and the thorax. Usually, the area between the thorax and abdomen is extremely narrow and will look as if that part of the body is pinched in. They also have four wings. While the front wings are slightly shorter than the hind wings, all four wings are long and thin and lie against the wasp's back when not in use. If you see these types of insects around your property, you should team up with a wasp exterminator to have them safely removed from your yard. 

Different Dangers And Problems The Different Stinging Insects Pose

Many people think that wasps are the worse type of pest because they can:

  • Be aggressive
  • Sting multiple times
  • Build nests in common areas

When they sting, they can cause allergic reactions in some people. While rare, being stung by a wasp or other stinging insect can be fatal in people allergic to the insect's venom. A local wasp control specialist can keep you safe by removing and preventing wasp infestations. 

Why Stinging Insects Should Be Left To The Professionals

If you are seeing stinging insects around your Salt Lake City home, give Pest Pros Pest Control a call today. As experienced stinging insect exterminators, we can keep these bothersome insects away from your property for good.

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